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EN/Payment Plaza

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Buckaroo introduced an informational dashboard: the Payment Plaza. With this new overview we would like to give some explanation to the new functionalities. Go to frequently asked questions.

Payment Plaza

Besides the new responsive design the new Payment Plaza also has:

Frequently asked questions new Payment Plaza

Question Answer
Where do I find the contact information of Buckaroo in the Plaza? The contact information of Buckaroo can be found in the upper right corner below your username via the option contact
What should I do to migrate? You don't have to do anything. All data and settings are automatically transferred. You can login directly with your current credentials on https://plaza.buckaroo.nl
Why a new Payment plaza? The (on-line) payment market is developing fast. Besides the handling of payment traffic we also want to offer additional services. Part of these services are debtor management, subscription services, e-mandate services and also voucher- and wallet solutions. The changes in the (on-line) payments need a flexible, multi-purpose and user friendly system. This environment meets these demands.
What is different? Besides the new responsive design the new Payment Plaza also has:
  • a new and clear (intuitive) navigation structure;
  • a management dashboard showing the key performance indicators and trends;
  • the new Credit Management solution for collecting invoices in a more customer-friendly way, including:
    • the template editor for easily creating and sending a pay link via email, text message and letter (including QR code);
    • easy-to-adapt plans for dealing with different debtor groups;
    • clear Credit Management reports.
  • the voucher and wallet solution for generating optimal customer loyalty, with the possibility of:
    • generating new vouchers;
    • setting up a wallet application.
  • a system for easily processing transactions in other currencies;
  • a multi-language environment.
Where can I find the CallCenter solution? The Call Center is no longer part of the new menu. You can generate a PayPerEmail in the new environment in the transactions screen by choosing the action button. Choose "New Payment"or "Express PayPerEmail"
Should I change my e-mail templates for the PayPerEmail solution? You do not have to change the templates. The templates you selected in the old environment are also available in the new environment.
Should I change my e-mail templates for the Credit Management solution? You do not have to change your mail templates for the Credit Management solution. These are migrated as well. Are you using the current Credit Management solution? In this case you can use the current templates in the new Payment Plaza. Do you want to use the new solution of Credit Management? In that case you need to renew your templates.
Were can I find the reports? In the new environment all the different reports are still available. The reports are not centralised any more, but are situated more logically. The transaction reports can be downloaded in the overview of the transactions and the account balance reports in the menu under Financial.
How can I send a PayPerEmail? In the past the Call Center solution was used. The Call Center is no longer part of the new menu. You can generate a PayPerEmail in the new environment in the transactions screen by choosing the action button. Choose "New Payment"or "Express PayPerEmail"
What do I see on the Management Dashboard?
  • The turnover of the last week
  • The transactions of the last week
  • The most recent news messages. These contain updates, market information and new functionality
How long is the historical data available? 1 year
How can I report an error or bug? In the new Plaza you can use the button in the lower left corner "give your opinion". This is the place to report errors or bugs.
What can I do when I have an question? In the renewed Plaza you can use the "give your opinion" button in the lower left corner. You can raise your question concerning the new Plaza. We aim for a answer to your question within 24 hours. When you have another operational question, you can sent an email to Buckaroo Customer Service at info@buckaroo.nl. Of course we are also available by telephone: 030 711 5000.
Does the new Plaza also work on my tablet? The new Plaza works fully on tablets, laptops and desktops.
How can I search for a transaction or invoice number? In the transaction overview (transactions > overview) you have a real-time overview of all the transactions. On the right side of the screen you can select filter. Within the filter you can select the different criteria. For example, you can perform a search on an invoice number or payment attribute.
How can I download reports? Choose actions in the screen
How can I change from an account with a “Master” account? On the right your name is visable. If you click on your name you can choose 'switch user’
Where can I change my password? In the upper right corner you see your name stated. Via setttings you can choose ‘change password’. You will receive further instructions via e-mail
Were do I find my Buckaroo invoices? An overview of the Buckaroo send invoices is visible under ‘Financial’.
Why can't I see the Buckaroo invoices? The Buckaroo invoices are only avialable when you have 'Financial Administrator' rights.
How can I upload a payment file? In the new Plaza you will be able to offer a payment file as well. This functionality can be found under 'Services’. Via ‘actions’ and choose ‘upload new batch’.
How do a know if an invoice has been refunded? Refunds will be shown in the menu bar
How do I prevent users from viewing the Dashboard? Choose "My Buckaroo" and employees from the menu. Choose the employee you want to change. Choose the "rights" tab. The role 'View dashboard’ can be deleted. In this way the users will directly be redirected to the transaction overview after login in. If the user could see the dashboard, but doesn't, choose ‘Insert Role’ and add the role ‘view dashboard’ to the user.