Buckaroo Support

Buckaroo payment methods moved in backend configuration [EN]

As of version v1.9.2-RC1 the payment methods are moved to: Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Buckaroo.

Here you can apply the settings for each payment method individually.


General, Advanced and Refund settings are still available in the Buckaroo Space: Configuration > Sales > Buckaroo

General Configuration

Enable or disable the Buckaroo module.

Secret key
Enter your Buckaroo Secret Key.

(Merchant) key
Enter your Buckaroo merchant/website key.

Transaction label
The transaction description in Payment Plaza.

Certificate label
Enter a name for the certificate. This is purely administrative.

Upload your Buckaroo private key certificate
Certificate file

Advanced Configuration

New status
This status will be given to new orders.

Pending payment status
This status will be given to orders pending payment.

Payment success status
This status will be given to orders paid.

Payment failed status
This status will be given to unsuccessful orders.

Send order confirmation email
Send a mail after successful creating the order.

Send transactional invoice email
Send a mail after successful payment.

Redirect url after 'Success'
Redirect after successful payments.

Redirect url after 'Failure'
Redirect after failed payments.

'Canceled' state on failed payment
Orders will stay open after failed payments.

Decide what to debug. Log files will be created within the var/log/Buckaroo/ directory.

Use system value
Debug information will be sent to these comma-separated email addresses.

Display only for selected IPs
Show method only to Magento set IPs.

Fee percentage mode
This setting only applies to percentage-based Buckaroo fees.
Please choose over which amount the fee percentage is calculated.

Payment fee frontend label
This label will be displayed next to the fee on the checkout, order, invoice and creditmemo pages and pdfs.

Create order before transaction
This will create an order before setting up the transaction with Buckaroo.


Enable or disable refunding.

Push Payment Plaza refunds to Magento
Allow 2-way refunding from Magento and Payment Plaza.