Buckaroo Support

Betaalmethoden logo's toevoegen in footer

A. In "Settings" chapter of https://lightspeed.buckaroo.io
  1. enable "Custom icons" option in Settings chapter
  2. adjust "Icons CSS selector" option , if needed, path (CSS selector) to HTML block where icons should be displayed
  3. adjust "Icons template" option, if needed, HTML code of template responsible for how each icon will look
  Keep in mind that two dynamically substituted variables are available: {ICON_SRC} - URL to an icon image,   {PAYMENT_CODE} - payment method code
  4. copy auto-generated URL from "Settings → Web extras → Custom Head Code" option
B. In Lightspeed admin area of your webstore
  1. Click "Add code" button in "Settings → Web extras → Custom Head Code" block and paste (in opened popup) URL copied at previous step into "External script URL" field
  2. Click "Save" button