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CM validaties

Validation error messages


If a CM scheme action could not be performed due to a validation error, then it will be communicated with an invoice push. For each validation error we encounter in a scheme step, a ValidationErrorMessage will be provided in the push message (e.g. ValidationErrorMessage0 for a first one, ValidationErrorMessage1 for a second one, ValidationErrorMessage2 for a third one, and so on). This will be marked as a CmSchemeValidationError event.


In addition to this, Buckaroo will pause the invoice with invoice status code 23 (PausedDueToValidation) in the following situations:


  • The initial payment invitation (step 0) could not be performed due to a validation error
  • 0 reminder messages in a scheme step could be performed due to a validation error
  • The invoice could not be transferred to the collection agency due to a validation error


In these cases, we mark the event as InvoicePausedDueToValidationErrors.


List of actions and possible validation errors:


Reminder action:

  • "Required active subscription missing: {service}"
  • "Required data {missingData} missing."


Invoice specification:

  • "Attach invoice specification is selected in the scheme version, but no invoice lines exist on the invoice."


Stop subscription action:

  • "Invoice {invoiceNumber} (key: {invoiceKey}) does not have a subscription."


Transfer to collection agency:

  • "Invoice with no collection agency cannot be transferred to one."
  • "Active subscription missing (that allows {currency}): any collection agency."
  • "Required data is missing. Missing: {missingData1, missingData2, ...}"
  • "For CIB a debtor cannot be younger than 2 years old. Debtor birth date is {birthdate}."
  • "For CIB a debtor cannot be older than 120 years old. Debtor birth date is {birthdate}."
  • "Invoice number is too long. It can only contain a maximum of 20 characters when using Intrum Justitia as collection agency."




  • Missing debtor information can be updated with the AddOrUpdateDebtor call or submitted via the Plaza.
  • Missing product lines can be updated with the AddOrUpdateProductLines call.
  • An invoice with invoice status 23 (PausedDueToValidation) can be unpaused at any time and will resume by re-executing the last scheme step.


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